The VASCOG Society is registered as a non-profit association.

Executive Committee
The Executive Committee directs and conducts the general activities of the Society. The first Executive Committee was elected by the members of VASCOG during 2003. The members of the Executive Committee have a mandate of four years, and can not be elected for more than eight years in a row. For continuity reasons, it was decided that five of the members of the first executive committee should be subject of re-election already after two years. The executive committee chooses the tasks for its members.

By-laws Committee
The VASCOG Society is ruled according to by-laws approved by the members during the autumn of 2002. A committee chaired by Julien Bogousslavsky oversees that the by-laws are followed and suggests addendums if necessary.

Program Committee
The Program Committee is responsible for the program format and content, and for the rules applied to delegates, sponsors and guests at the biannual Congress of the Society. The program committee comprises the Executive Committee and two members of the local organizing committee.

Scientific Committee
Appointed by the Program Committee the Scientific Committee serves as an advisory board and assesses the abstracts submissions upon directions of the Program Committee.

Nominating Committee
The nominating committee comprises five members elected and suggested by the General Assembly among its active members. The duration of office shall be four years. The Nominating Committee nominates its own chair and should suggest candidates for the election of the Executive Committee.