Interest in the vascular causes of various brain disorders including Alzheimer's disease, vascular dementia, mild cognitive impairment, depression, and other behavioural disorders has grown immensely over the last decade. More recent evidence also suggests that these various brain disorders may be delayed or even prevented by treatment of vascular risk factors such as hypertension and hypercholesterolemia. The potential implications of these findings span a diverse arena of both scientific and clinical interest. It is increasingly apparent that a forum for discussion and education on vascular causes of various brain disorders is needed. Such a forum should also develop research strategies to address key issues in cerebrovascular disorders. The International Society for Vascular Behavioural and Cognitive Disorders (Vas-Cog)', is designed to bring diverse basic science and clinical research interest together for the study of vascular causes of various brain disorders, as well as to serve as an organization for the dissemination of this information, patient advocation and the training of researchers.

The principle goal of the society is to raise awareness through regular scientific meetings and the creation of working groups on the topic and facilitate the inclusion of younger researchers at such meetings and working groups. The historical background of Vas-Cog and the manifesto which started the creation of Vas-Cog is found on the left.