Summary of Student Activities at VASCOG 2011, Lille, France

Coming together on Facebook!

Old and new arrival student members of the VASCOG came together in Lille and discussed about current and future activities of the student section. All the members agreed to be in closer contact and they made the VASCOG Student Chapter on Facebook.

Three student representatives rather than one!

The other good new in Lille was that the number of student representatives in the executive committee has increased from one to three showing the important role of students in this international society.   

Taking roles in student committees!

Student members showed a great interest to take different roles in the student section of VASCOG. After submission of their requests, the new student committees have been formed:

Scientific Committtee

Lieza Exalto
Sivaraman Purushothuman
Matthew Burke
Executive Committee

Behnam Sabayan
M Arfan Ikram
Kaavya Narasimhalu
Local Organizing Committee (Toronto 2013)

Sean Nestor

Lizzie Gemmell