How to become a member

We welcome individuals active in mission-related fields including:

1) a past and present record of clinical activity or research, and

2) a letter of support by two active members of the society.

Persons interested in becoming an active member can download the VASCOG membership application form and return it to the Secretariat with:

a) a short CV,

b) a list of published papers, and

c) a letter of support by two active members of the society. If you do not have letter of support, you can state that the application can be reviewed by the Executive Committee, and two of its members can then give support to the application.

Membership fees

Vas-Cog Membership Fees (in UK pounds)
Regular members
£60 for one year
£110 for two years
£150 for three years

£40 for one year
£60 for two years

Click here to go to page on how to pay subscriptions.

Rights and Privileges of Active Members.

Active members may participate in the business sessions of the Society and may vote (e.g regarding place of venue, members in the committees and other matters). All active members are eligible for election to office in the Council. Active members also have the privilege to take part in the Discussion Forum through the website and in the Working Groups.