Having a home gym is great for building strength as well as staying fit. All you need is a room or a few square feet to spare to set up a home gym. Not to mention the money you’ll be saving from gym memberships. Here are three equipment that will help you stay healthy right at the comfort of your home.

Dynapro Exercise Ball

An underrated and underutilised workout equipment, the exercise ball not only helps you stretch but also assist in working with various weight exercises. An exercise ball will also help you accomplish your core while working or watching the television.

The Dynapro exercise ball inflates quickly since it’s a professional grade ball. The exercise ball is made out of a material that is burst proof. An exercise ball that can withstand nearly 2000 pounds of body weight, the Dynapro also has a non-slip body which enables direct body contact while working out.

CUXUS Resistance bands


Having a workout session with a resistance band will help you burn fat as well as increase muscle strength, stamina and flexibility. The CUXUS resistance band set comes with five colours; yellow which is 5lbs, green which is 10lbs, red which is 15lbs, blue which is 20lbs and black which is 25lbs.

The CUXUS resistance band set also comes with two cushioned handles, a pair of ankle straps, a storage bag as well as a door anchor. Also, did I mention the whole set is made of natural latex and steel D-rings for extra durability?

ProSource Multi-Grip Bar

Pull-ups, although a really challenging routine, work your arms as well as your back and core. It also operates a vast number of big and small muscles in your arms especially the biceps and lats. Because of the fact that it works your back, pull-ups will help you achieve better body posture, making you look leaner and more extended.

The ProSource Multi-Grip Bar is great for any standard doorframe, and the best part is, it doesn’t leave any damage behind. The ProSource can also withstand up to 300 pounds, but it also depends on the strength of the doorframe as well.

Apart from pull-ups, you can also use the bar for other exercises such as crunches and sit-ups if you take the bar from the top of the doorframe and put it on the base. You can also place the bar against the floor for exercises such as dips and push-ups.